The EHS System although mandatory from Legal requirements in Singapore from Ministry of Manpower and Environment Ministry. The basic societal requirements of contributing a bit of your processes to save damage to  Environment has taken the top priority.

By have an inherent Environment management system, the work environment automatically improves and brings in more responsibility from every corner of the organization.

The standards which have evolved gives an idea the importance focusing on of every minute element of  EHS.

  1. ISO 14001 Environment management system
  2. OHSAS 18001 Occupational health management system which is now going to be ISO 45001
  3. R2 Responsible recycling – Scrap dealers
  4. RC 14001 – A combination of EHS and Security in Chemical manufacturing and storage facilities
  5. ISO 50001 – Energy management system and
  6. ISO 28000 – Supply Chain Security